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Used Shelton Supertrencher 625 for sale Ref:191/14310

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A 2005 Shelton used Supertrencher 625. Recent new digging wheel and conveyor belt and 1 set of 50mm tungsten carbide tipped cutters. To be checked over in the workshop and supplied in good working ord... more

Charterhouse Verti Drian 7416 20062426 for sale Ref:1098/13936
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Ex Hire 2014 comes with 2 sets of tines 20062426... more

Shelton Used CT100 Chain Trencher for sale Ref:191/13841

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Ex-demo Shelton CT 100 Chain Trencher. 3 metre conveyor, electro-hydraulic controls, capable of digging trenches up to 1 metre deep and from 125mm to 200mm wide. Includes 6 months warranty (exc deliv... more

Shelton Used 3T Gravel Band Drainer for sale Ref:191/13840

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An ex demonstration Shelton 3 Tonne Gravel Band Drainer in excellent condition. 6 months warranty included (exc delivery) ... more

AFT Mk1 Trencher for sale Ref:1226/13681
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For sale AFT Trencher 75 Wizz Wheel. Excellent machine stored inside. Digs up to 750 mm depth fitted with 110 mm bullet teeth and cleaners. Cuts trenches from 50 mm width to 150 mm width. Hydrauli... more

Shelton 650 Supertrencher for sale Ref:1226/13680
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Complete with 100 mm carbide blades (working depth 600 mm) 80 mm auto drainage pipe feed and gravel hopper plus additional sand slitting blades and feed hopper system, superb condition, serviced and r... more

Case 360 Trencher with backhoe for sale Ref:419/13408
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Case 360 trencher with back hoe and blade, Deutz air cooled engine, new tyres, in good all round condition. ... more

Shelton Supertrencher 625 for sale Ref:191/13215

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2009 model. 225mm to 625mm digging depth 50mm to 125mm digging width. 3 metre long conveyor. Fully checked over in our workshop with a 6 month guarantee ... more

Shelton 3 tonne Fast-Flow Gravel Hopper for sale Ref:191/13214
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Shelton 3 tonne Fast-Flow Gravel Hopper with 50mm & 80mm secondary gravel hoppers, stainless steel hopper. 35hp+ tractor with 2 pairs of spool valves required. Very good condition... more

AFT 75 Trencher for sale Ref:1623/12692
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AFT 75 Wizz wheel trencher (used) Good condition Repainted Lazer guided Pipe reel Gravel hopper Spare blades ... more

AFT Wizz Wheel 55 for sale Ref:1591/12479
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Aft Wizz Wheel 55 for sale. Machine is in good condition. Long conveyor. Machine has little work done. Original paint. ... more

Sisis multi slit for sale Ref:535/12249
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Sisis multi slitter three point linkage rear pressure rollers can be supplied with new tines at extra cost in good condition suit fine turf or pitches ... more

Shelton Chain Trencher for sale Ref:1520/11673
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In good working order Will excavate to 1 metre Includes 3 metre conveyor Designed to work on minimum 45hp tractor Complete with Spectra laser with linear display and control box Offers welcome ... more

AFT Trencher for sale Ref:1458/11135
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AFT T40 Tracked Trencher in excellent working condition Deutz air cooled engine Conveyor New cross elevator belt... more

Bow dry water removal  for sale Ref:535/10537
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Bow dry water removal machine new sponge to be fitted suit cricket club golf green bowling green ... more

Case tL100 trencher for sale Ref:535/10498
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Case tL100 trencher diesel handle start engine new chain ready for work ... more

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