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Various TM System Ex-Demo Stcok for sale Ref:464/13128
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We have various Ex-Demo TM System items available all used, but great condition - Please contact for pricing. Description Stock SMART Ultra Groomer 11 SMART Vibe 10 SMART Vibe (as ... more

Toro GreensPro 1200 for sale Ref:786/13096
Viewed Today : 4 | Total Views : 33Add to My favorites
2012 machine, 6.5hp Honda petrol engine, twin pedal drive, self contained transport system, 1.2m working width. Perfect for golf, bowling greens and tennis courts. Very Good Condition.... more

Toro RM 6500D for sale Ref:786/13073
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 42Add to My favorites
2007 machine with 3364 hrs, 2.4m cut, DPA cutting units with 11 blade cylinders and rear roller brushes. 44hp Diesel engine, 4wd, power steering.... more

Toro Flex 21 Engines / Parts for sale Ref:364/13069
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 37Add to My favorites
Breaking Toro Flex 21's for Parts. Good Engines 180 All parts available - call for details... more

Thatchaway 3250-D for sale Ref:364/13060
Viewed Today : 3 | Total Views : 40Add to My favorites
Thatchaway Frames and Verticut Cassettes for Toro 3250-D. Little used and can take other cassettes.... more

tORO 3250-D for sale Ref:364/13059
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 58Add to My favorites
Toro 3250-D 2007, DPA cutting units, Sold unserviced, Traction unit on the button, Lift arms need a tighten up. 8 blade reels.... more

Tecma 230 Finishing Mower for sale Ref:786/13032
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 31Add to My favorites
2.3m cutting width, simple height adjustment form 1 to 4, 5 blades, high quality finish, rear discharge, PTO Shaft. Little use form new. Very Good Condition... more

Saxon LM22GH Greens Mower for sale Ref:786/13015
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 52Add to My favorites
2007 Saxon LM22GH Pedestrian Greens Mower. 4.5hp engine, multi-blade cylinder, transport wheels, 22 cutting width. Cylinder and bottom blade are in very good condition. Very Good Condition... more

Jacobsen Gplex 3 Greens Mower for sale Ref:538/13004
Viewed Today : 3 | Total Views : 73Add to My favorites
Used Jacobsen Greensplex 3 Greens Mower 11 Bladed units with Grass Boxes Rear Roller Power Brushes 2281 Hours ... more

John Deere X748 Mower for sale Ref:786/12945
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 51Add to My favorites
24hp Diesel Powered Mower, auto 4wd, power steering, hydraulic deck lift, 62" cutting deck, hydraulic operated high tip grass collector, front weight pack, cruise control, simple cutting height adjust... more

John Deere X740 Ride On Mower for sale Ref:786/12930
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 68Add to My favorites
24hp Diesel powered ride on mower with a 48" side discharge cutting deck, hydraulic deck lift, HST, power steering, diff lock, cruise control, worklights. Serviced Engine.... more

Wessex RMX180 Rollermower for sale Ref:786/12910
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 70Add to My favorites
2014 Wessex RMX180 Rollermower. Heavy duty machine, produces a very high quality of finish, 3 rotors, high blade tip speed, even distribution of grass, heavy duty rollers front and rear, simple height... more

John Deere 8400 for sale Ref:786/12862
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 84Add to My favorites
2010 John Deere 8400 Triple Mower with 1310hrs. 37hp Turbocharged diesel engine, 84 cutting width, independent fingertip unit controls, powerful 4wd, 10 cylinders, excellent operator comfort, power ... more

John Deere X748 Mower for sale Ref:786/12827
Viewed Today : 1 | Total Views : 66Add to My favorites
2006 machine with 2991 hrs, 24hp Diesel engine, power steering, hydraulic deck lift, 62 cutting deck, hydraulic emptying low tip collector, selectable 4wd. Very Good Condition ... more

John Deere 2500B Greens Mower for sale Ref:786/12780
Viewed Today : 2 | Total Views : 105Add to My favorites
2008 machine with 2474hrs, 11 bladed cylinders with good bottom blades, powered front groomers and rear roller brushes, 3wd, front lights, grassboxes. Good Condition ... more

Used Jacobsen GP400 Ride on Greens Mower for sale Ref:1466/12670
Viewed Today : 3 | Total Views : 61Add to My favorites
Used Wright Large frame stander with standard specification. Fully serviced with new blades.... more

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